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Services Offered

1- Hour Design Consultation – $150

. Do you need an hour with a designer to answer your questions or help solve a problem? Now you can! You’ll fill out a quick form, schedule a call, and have a one-on-one conversation with your designer, focused on a specific design challenge. This is great for:

- Color Consults and Paint Color Selections
  - Floor or Space Planning Questions 

- Styling a Bookshelf, Arranging Accessories, Hanging Art, and more!

Not great if you have many questions, and/or many spaces to address within one hour.


Classic Full-Service Design

We are devoted to carefully listening to you so we can understand your lifestyle and needs. We work together to develop a design that delicately blends my vision with your desired aesthetic. Guiding you through the process from concept to completion, we ensure the end result represents your personality and purpose.

Do you want the full Nichole Loiacono Design experience with all the bells and whistles? Custom design, extended time with your interior designer, technical drawings, finish & fixture selections, and furniture presentations that include multiple options?


Virtual Design Package -

$1200 per/room

Do you want the NLD Experience but aren’t ready to commit to a full room (or house) of furniture? The NLD Virtual Design Package includes a stye quiz, two conversations with your designer, a floor plan, a color palette, and furniture recommendations for one room in your home! This is great for:

    - Having a complete room concept before buying furniture
- Marrying styles when there are more opinions than rooms
  - Developing a relationship with an NLD

Not great if you want many rounds of furniture options or multiple meetings with a designer (see our Classic Services).


Working on a custom home build or renovation?

Bringing an interior designer into the technical/planning phase of your project can make all the difference. We work collaboratively with architects, builders and landscape designers to create a bespoke home.

Wide Range of Expertise

We can create kitchen and bathroom designs, 2-D renderings, and so much more—all with your lifestyle and personal aesthetic as our foundation.


Kitchen Final Floorplan.jpg
Color Palette 2.jpg

Color Palettes and Finish Selection

Color can soothe, excite and inspire. It sets the tone for your home or office. The right color scheme will enhance your interiors and your mood. We help you build your color palette with every paint chip, fabric swatch and tile selection so your interiors will look purposeful and timeless, and curated.

Furniture, Art, Textile and
Styling Services

We source and acquire furniture, art and accessories for every area of your home. Our access to major manufacturers as well as unique finds from around the globe allow us to curate your home in a way meaningful to you. Can’t find just the right piece? Let’s design it together!  We strive to excel at curating your style, while respecting your timeline, budget and schedule.

Havenly Floorplan.jpg

Space Planning

Space planning is essential to how your home feels and functions.  Especially in tricky or awkward spaces, proper furniture placement can make all the difference when it comes to comfort and an aesthetically pleasing home.

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